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National Career Service (NCS) portal is a new initiative by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. It is a common platform that brings together stakeholders like Job Seekers, Employers, Counselors, Local Service Providers and Trainers to facilitate in convergence of information and link job seekers with jobs. The NCS portal is free-to-use portal and has a hassle-free registration process for the students. As per the directions of competent authority, all the students passing out from NIT Hamirpur are recommended hereby to register on the portal via the following link so that they have a one-stop shop for career related services.

Latest Placement news
  • NIT Hamirpur invited applications for the internship program in the different Departments/Centers of the Institute.

  • The students studying at NIT Hamirpur and outside the Institute can be benefitted from this internship program offered by NIT Hamirpur.

  • The best internship project/report in each Department/Center will be awarded by the Institute.

  • Best Internship Projects in their respective departments for session 2018-19.

  • Training and Placement opportunities at NIT Hamirpur

    National Institute of Technology Hamirpur invites applications from the students studying in IITs/NITs/State Technical Universities/Other CFTIs, to do Summer Training/Internship in the different departments/centres of Institute. The preference should be given to the students from top 100 NIRF ranked Institutes/Universities in India. There are various projects under which the candidates can apply. The applicant must submit a brief proposal on the project area under which he/she intends to do internship/training at NIT Hamirpur (HP). For more details, please go through attached Guidelines. The candidate can fill the “ the internship request form” along with “Undertaking performa” and mail to Training & Placement Office NIT Hamirpur at
    The candidates can also apply in the department/centre/project which is not mentioned in the list. If the facility/faculty will be available in the willing area (other than mentioned in the list of projects or department/centre), the candidate will be permitted to do Internship in that department/centre of NIT Hamirpur (HP).
    For more details contact 01972-254591/254590 and

    Step 1 -

    Students from different institutions, aiming for internship programs at NIT Hamirpur, are advised to go through the internship guidelines before applying.

    Step 2 -

    Students must fill Undertaking performa duly forwarded by the Parent institution.

    Step 3 -

    The interested students after filling the internship request form, can apply through mail at or personally. After receiving application through mail, the Office of Training and Placement will give date to the candidate to visit NIT Hamirpur for completing the requisite formalities.

    Step 4 -

    The institute will release the final consent to the candidate after completing financial and documented formalities.

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